lördag 31 juli 2010

Struggling with making advertisment?

Today, Saterday july 31 is my first summer holdiay day. Yesterday evening I attended to a garden party with my three sisters and friends. We had a great evening and night with good drinks, tasted food and lots of music. We have different flavors when it comes to drinks and my is Baileys. This afternoon I got an article in my head about being a good psychologist when promoting advertisments.

Are you struggling with making good advertisment, then Here is a few keys I like to give you as a help in your promoting and marketing strategy using advertisments. Remember The more often you send advertisments to your downlines the more often you will get a new customer or a lead following you in what ever you are promoting.

Key number one). To gain your goals to get your marketing area intrested in what ever you are promoting you need to be a good psychologist. You need to know how to make your audience interested and actually fall for your offer. Some say, and I do beleive this, a person who see the same ad three times are most, likely to fall the third time. So that means you need to send your ad three times before anyone will take up on your offer. I beleive this, since I have fallen for this strategy my self(smile).

Let me tell you this, I have seen a commercial ad on TV in different ancles, with different People saying the same thing about a yougurt, Activia. But, I did not try it untill I saw the third Commercial ad. Today I can say, that the ad worked well and I have one yougurt, activia every morning.

Now, I do not mean that you should make one ad and keep sending it every second, or minute or even every day. NO, you should make one ad on one thing and send it,lets say, in the beginning of the month, then send the ad in the middle of the month, and then send the ad the last week of the month.

Do not scam your audience away!

Key number two). Do not treat your prospects as fools. Becouse they are no fools. They are far more intelligentthen you think. I see commercial on TV and get frustrated when the marketer seems to think I am stupid enough to fall for something that are to obviously and foolish for me to fall for. Keep in mind, Your ads should be smart, honest and interesting enough for your marketing area. Dont lie, it will pay you back. The best psychological marketing strategy is to use exisiting customers or members saying about your offers.

Treat your audience intelligently!

Key number three). Do not use the same ad always. Be creative and use different ads. That shows your audience that you are working and make them remember your business and brand name. However, you can keep your ad and use it again. A special if your ad is seasonal.

Be creative and use different ads in different seasons!

You probably have seen lots of list building programs while surfing online. And yes, it is important to have a list of leads where you can promote your programs, products or services you are offering.

I like to adress that if you are a member of several traffic exchanges, ptc, ptr, text ad programs You do have several downlines. This means you have more than one list of leads to use. You got their emails, save them to your own private list and use that list for your advertisments.

Your Downline is Your list - Use it as a good psychologist!